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Well, today I was sitting in church and I had an impression to write about my trip to Peru, back in January.
This trip changed my life. I loved every single part of it. It was amazing.
I went with my school through a group called 'Generations Humanitarian'. We went to an orphanage to finish a water trench that brought clean water to these sweet orphans. They had water bused up twice a month but it was only 200 gallons, and 500 dollars each time.  They were in desperate need of water, and that is exactly what we gave them.
Besides the water project, we went there to have some fun! And, I loved it!

Just a glimpse of what Peru looks like.

 This is what we did at the orphanage, dug dug dug!!
 On Sunday we went to church, which was such an amazing experience. It was so incredible to see those orphan boys passing the sacrament. And, even though the talks were in spanish and I couldn't understand everything, the spirit was still so strong there. It was incredible.

 We went and got ice cream with the orphans, which is like a huge deal to them. 
 This is the view from the bus on the way up to Machu Picchu. 
 My best friend[:
 It was breath taking! 

 Our group! Minus my mommy, who had broken her leg]:
 With the best spanish teacher ever! I miss her.
 The girls! minus Lexi. I don't know where she was.
Kylie, Meghan, Nikki, Katherine, Eryn, Morgan.
best friends. 
 Love her. 

 eating guinea pig. yum!
 Miss Anderson enjoyed it.
 A Peru tradition is to break pots of tea and let mother earth drink them before turning on a new water system. 

 Miss Anderson got to turn the water on. It was so touching. The orphans and the care givers were just crying. It felt so amazing to know that we helped make this happen. 

 Blake and Jake on Lake Titicaca..

 Kylie riding a donkey... yes, we had donkey races..

 Some building and ruins that we really didn't want to stop at because we were tired and just wanted to get to our hotel. 12 hours in a bus is no fun. 

 Me, Nikki and Blake on a reed boat. 

 On our way to the floating islands!

 These islands were so cool! 

 Everything was built out of reeds. Even the boats!

 They made a model of how they make their islands. They said if they ever got in a fight with another family, they would just saw their island in half. 

 More ruins, this temple was actually gorgeous. 

 This may have been my favorite part of the trip! 
The day before we arrived in Puno(where Lake Titicaca is) and were exhausted and hungry so a few of us went searching for a place to eat, and while walking we came across two mormon missionaries! We talked to them for awhile and then asked them if they knew where any good pizza joints were. They told us of a place that was just a few shops away that was actually owned by some members, so of course we had to go there! There was a upstairs loft and we wanted to sit up there to eat, so we did. And, the pizza was fantastic. We left very satisfied. 
The next day, after we had spent the morning at Lake Titicaca, we had to shower, eat and then get back on the bus to catch a flight to Lima]: We were hungry, and didn't want to look for a new place to eat, so we took my mom to this resturant since we wasn't able to go the day before, and when we got there, we asked to sit up in the loft area and the lady said 'no no. 50 missionaries' so we went and sat at another table and ordered our food. Then, two missionaries came from upstairs and we were all like 'missionaries missionaries!!' so they came and talked to us for awhile and then they told us that there were around 50 missionaries upstairs, so we went up to say hi to them and then ended up taking a picture with them! They were so nice and sweet and fun. I really enjoyed them. We talked to them for awhile about where we were from and why we were here and they told us to say hi to their families[; hahah. then we let them finish their zone conference and went down to eat our pizza. They came down after it was over and talked to us for a little while longer. It was so neat! I just love that the gospel is being spread everywhere! It is soo special! I love the Church.

 Nikki and Me. Modeling of course.
 These sweet little mormon girls on the mormon island!

 This was so inspiring. They all gathered around and sang hymns to us. We were all in tears. 

 My mommy at the church! 

 Me and Nikki at the church! 

 This is the Branch President. Him and his wife were actually the main story of the Ensign, Friend, and New Era for the month of July. So neat. 

This is the Young Womens room.
I am so so so so blessed to be able to live in America, and have a loving family and be a member of the church. You never realize how much you have until you see all the things that so many people don't have.
I loved this trip, and can not wait to go to Ecuador next year!!

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