Wednesday, August 10, 2011

naming the future.

Well, I am just like any other teenage girl. I think of names that I want to name my future children.
My dream family would to have 5 girls, but we all know that dreams don't always become reality. But, if it did my girls names would go as followed.
Caroline Jane... After my mom, her name is Janet Carol and I think both names are yucky. But, Caroline is gorgeous, and I always call my mommy Jane. So it fits.

McCall May... McCall because I think it's stunning and May after my dads mom.

Raquel Margaret... Raquel because I have always loved the name and Margaret after my mommys mom.

Eloise Jay... Eloise because I love the movie Eloise and my cousins middle name is Louise and I have always wanted to name one of my daughters after her, so it just fits. And Jay after my high school english teacher, Jaime.

Sinclair Alice... Because Sinclair is my favorite name in the whole world and Alice after my dads step mom.

But, if boys are involved in the mix their names will be

Brigham Mansfield... Brigham after my older brother and Mansfield is a family name.

Dane August... Dane for David and Wayne mixed. my dads name is David Wayne and August  because it's cool.

Mason Hawk... Because it's a intense name.

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