Monday, April 23, 2012


to myself.
I have an irrational fear of people punching me.

I have a secret obsession with yard gnomes, but am slightly terrified of them.

I can only put gas in my car in stalls 4,7, and 11.

I refuse to call my school by it's actual five word title, I prefer 'the academy'

I like going on adventures.

I really am a fan of ninth graders. I prefer them over children my own age.

I love airplanes, and would like to try standing up while take-off. I'm sure that's dangerous.

I am addicted to cupcakes. Any kind, every kind, all sizes, ALL. But, the best ones come from the cocoa bean cafe. Delightful.

I have some of the best friends. Most of them are little though.

I guess I'm just not very average. I just live a better life than everyone else.

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