Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, I kind of like being back. It's fun.
Something I have fallen in love with over the past two years is, photography. I love being able to capture so many moments. I love being able to find the beauty in ordinary things. But, my most favorite is children. Shocking. I have always been in love with children. Lots of my friends say that it is kind of creepy. But, I don't think it is. There is just something about little kids that makes life so special. They can brighten so many peoples days with out even meaning to. They have a special light in them. They have the most beaming light of Christ. Their simple love, their cute faces, their easy forgiveness, their easy healing with just a kiss, their smiles, the look they get on their face when someone they love walks through the door, their little attitudes. Every thing makes me fall in love with them. Especially my cousins. I have some of the best cousins. And, I love talking pictures of them. So, here is my warning; there is a lot of pictures coming.

This is Thomas. He's eight. And, he found a baby chicken.
Madison and Jackson. Madi is not really a cousin, but she sure feels like it. 

Precious Joie. I love her! 
Cute Summer.
Summer and Joie looking for eggs.
My best friend.
Beatrice, all dressed up. 

Carter, he is the love of my life. 
Bea didn't want her picture taken.

Sophie Louise. I love this picture of her. 

This trip was so much fun, we stayed at a  Light house Hostel. Such a good time. 

Landon. My little love. I adore this child.
Simon. Love him. 

Baby Si. 

Baby Bea, being so photogenic. 
Oh, yes. They are twins. 
They are darling. 
All dressed up to go to church.
While I was out there(california) I put Bea's hair in  little ponies and pig tails for the first time. I loved it. She looked SO cute with her little blond piggies. 
Maisy Moo. She is a character. Look at her eyes, they're different colors. 
Little Taylor. Also, not a real cousin, but I am so close to this family. 
Love the tutu. 
MacKenzie May. What a little sass. 
This is one of my favorite pictures. Ever. 
This one too[:
Love her. SO much. 
Miss Madi. She was SO determined to get in that tree. 

She is so cute! 

Almost there! 

Flower Power. 
So cute.

I love these kids.
There is a lot more, but these are some of my favorites. And, I didn't want to share them all at once.

Good day my friends. 

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