Friday, July 8, 2011

jealous to inspired.

I am not a fan of the word 'jealous'. It's harsh, hurtful, degrading, and disappointing to yourself and others. It makes you seem less than or weaker than another. I prefer the word inspired. I don't like the jealous feeling. I don't like how people create drama out of jealousy. I don't see a need for anyone to be jealous. I do see a need for everyone to be inspired. When someone has something, that you wish you had or lives the life you dream about living, being jealous of them hurts yourself. But, being inspired to have something, or live your dream life or what ever it might be is uplifting. You feel like you can achieve that. It has a different twist, it's more rewarding when you actually achieve what ever you were 'jealous' of. You were inspired by a person. Someone inspired you to do something, to be someone, to change, or what ever it was because they had.

Everyday I am inspired by so many people. And, guess what? It doesn't hurt to be inspired. The best part is when you tell someone that they have inspired you, their reaction is pure bliss. Knowing that they have inspired someone gives you a thrill. Makes you feel like the top of the world, and you want to continue to inspire.
Being an inspiration to someone is a chain reaction. You are able to see the person who inspired you react, and you want to know that same feeling, so you inspire someone else. The feeling is magical.

Inspirations don't necessarily need to be people, they can be anything. Person, Place or Thing.

I try to both inspire and be inspired.
It's easy. You should try it.

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