Tuesday, June 21, 2011


my best friend has been on a mission for two weeks now. He is at the MTC in Provo and will be there for seven more weeks until he is fluent in spanish and goes down to McAllen, Texas which is right on the border of Mexico.
     He loves it already. He said its the most incredible thing to be with thousands of missionaries at one time. The spirit is so strong there, he says.
     I was having the hardest time with the fact that he was leaving. Every time I would think about it or people would mention missionaries, I would become so quiet and sometimes even cry. I cried so hard the night before he left and thought I would die when we dropped him of at the MTC. But, to my surprise i didn't really cry. It didn't really affect me like I thought it would. He was doing the RIGHT thing.
     It was my schools graduation that day so I went to the graduation, and saw all of his best friends graduate. That was kind of hard. And people came up and asked me a million times 'where is connor?' 'when is he going in to the MTC' and questions like that, i managed alright though[:
    Until.... we went to dinner. I went with a lot of his best friends to a place called chubbys. They were all talking about Connor and saying how much he loved Chubbys and how he introduced it to them all and they really miss him and they talked about him for a good thirty minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. I left and started to cry. I wouldn't see my brother for two years. That seemed like forever to me. I calmed down and was able to enjoy life some more. Haha.
    Today, I missed him again. But, it's so hard to miss him when he is loving where he is at, what he does, and who he is with. That makes me feels lots better. He is my hero, my best friend, my older brother and my favorite missionary. I am so proud of him.
I love you Hermano Bice.

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