Monday, July 18, 2011

i have the overall.

I don't let people win. 
It just doesn't happen. And by win, I don't mean in sports or in contests. I mean in life.
They have no control over me.
They can't hurt me unless I let them hurt me. They can try so hard to tear me down, but I've learned that  if I let them do that, then they have won. They accomplished what they wanted. They saw me hurt.
No, it's not fair that they are trying to hurt me, but that doesn't mean  I let it happen.
I have the overall say.
I choose.
I determine.
I conquer.
I dominate.
It's up to me. 
Not you.
I learned this the hard way, but in all honesty I have never been one to figure out the easy way.
I'll let you in on a secret of mine. I prefer the hard way. You learn more. Personally, I feel like the 'hard way' teaches you more. You become a better person because you know what it's like to take that path. But, you take it again. Some people fall, and some people finish. I want to finish it. That means I am strong. I am able to get past that. 

I am able to get past all my struggles. I am strong. I can imagine failing. Although, I have before. I know I am stronger. 

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