Thursday, December 22, 2011


I love the world, just so you know.

Time changes everything, and life must go on. I can't go back to my past. I left it for a reason. And, even though it hurt so much, I knew it was best for me. I liked him, I respected him, and I loved being with him but I knew that the path that he wanted to go down was so completely different than the path I imagined. I love my church, and I am not willing to give it up for anyone and, although he didn't ever imply that would happen, and it probably wouldn't have, I just couldn't put myself in that situation. I didn't know where I would stand. And, I didn't want to live that way. I want to be honest. Truth acting, truth loving. I want to live so He can trust me, I want my heart to be like His. You won't see me acting like I believe, then somewhere else acting differently. I made the choice to have integrity... even when no one is watching me. Truth telling, truth speaking. Honoring my Father like I promised... I want to be honest.

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